Gentrification and gathering

Chic to Bleak and Back Again (?): A Vancouver Walking Tour


Chic to Bleak and Back Again (?) explores how gentrification shapes and influences gathering places in downtown Vancouver by altering the perception of who is welcome in those spaces. Gentrification has been a powerful force in reshaping the urban fabric and identity of Vancouver’s neighborhoods, a force which systematically pushes out vulnerable minorities in order to make room for ‘urban revitalization’. By taking you through gathering places in parts of downtown Vancouver, the Downtown Eastside, and the redeveloped Gastown area, our tour seeks to confront this dual nature of gentrification: that, while it can bring productive economic capital to an area, it also creates sites of social marginalization for displaced inhabitants.

Our tour is self-guided and available as a series of podcasts and narrated videos, which are linked to in the corresponding stops on our interactive map. All material is available to be downloaded and taken along with you on the tour. The walking distance is approximately 3.1 km, and it should take about 1.5 hours to complete.