About Us

stephStephanie is an undergraduate student of Sociology at Simon Fraser University. She is interested in studying the effects of public green spaces in communities and the integration of rewilding strategies and urban policy. In her spare time, she likes to get to know cities by walking and eating her way through unfamiliar spaces.

cartoon_meAdrienne is a master’s student in the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of British Columbia, with a BA in Neuroscience from Johns Hopkins University. She is particularly interested in how people interact in and react to buildings and space. Exploring cities is one of her favorite pastimes, so working on this project was a great treat.


This project was a collaboration between Simon Fraser University, CityStudio, and the City of Vancouver’s Healthy City Strategy.

Our tour specifically addresses Goal #2: A Home for Everyone and Goal #6: Being Safe and Feeling Included of the Healthy City Strategy. Gentrification has had a major effect on the availability of affordable housing in Vancouver, and active steps must be taken to ensure that vulnerable populations do not continue to be displaced, both from their homes and from their sense of belonging to the city.

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Acknowledgements and Thanks

We would like to acknowledge that gentrification has displaced many minorities from their homes and continues to affect these groups disproportionately. Furthermore, we would also like to acknowledge that our tour takes place on unceded Coast Salish lands, and that colonial and settler actions have had a major role in shaping the city.

This walking tour was part of an urban history course at Simon Fraser University. We would like to thank our professor Dr. Nicolas Kenny for his support and feedback relating to the thematic content of our tour, as well as Rebecca Dowson of SFU for her help and critique on our digital platform and tour media.