Listed below are some resources that we found to be particularly interesting and/or helpful as we conducted research for our tour. Check them out to learn a bit more about Vancouver, gentrification, and some of our tour stops!

stream2Al Jazeera English’s The Stream: Gentrification Battle — The Stream hosted a debate on the gentrification of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside in 2013. Tune in to see the passion that this topic inspires.

Black Stblackstrathconarathcona — A collection of ten short video stories (and one awesome map) that document the lives of members of Vancouver’s first and only black community, which was originally located in the East Side neighborhood of Strathcona.

changingvancouver2Changing Vancouver: Then and Now — A blog that features past and present images of Vancouver locations, published side-by-side for comparison and accompanied by additional historical information.

archivesCity of Vancouver Archives — The main source of historical images for our tour videos. The Archives have over one million images to search through, as well as videos, maps, and drawings, so definitely check them out!

livinghistory2Living History Series: Smilin’ Buddha, Ch.1-5 — A short five-part video documenting the history of the Smilin’ Buddha Cabaret as told by its patrons, performers, and proprietors.

pasttensePast Tense: Vancouver Histories — A Tumblr that features historical images of and relating to Vancouver.

spacingSpacing: Vancouver — A blog for the magazine of the same name, Spacing publishes articles on all things city-related, from events to architecture to history and more. Also features other Canadian cities, including Toronto, Montreal, and Edmonton.

videoVancouver Street Scene, 1907 — From the 5:15-minute mark, take a video-journey through Vancouver in 1907, going along such well-known streets as Granville St, Hastings St, and Robson St. See if you can recognize any of the landmarks!